December 2018, in grainy black and white

December has funny way of sneaking in a few surprises before year’s end. Mine did. Unexpected news and a dose of reality, new connections that ended as soon as they’ve reached their peak, old friendships rekindled, babies, birthdays, Christmas and — the beginning of the end.

What it lacked in daylight, it made up for in thrill — sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Man. It was good while it lasted. I wish I could relive it.

Here are some snippets of the beginning of that charmed month, immortalized in a roll of Kodak Tmax P3200, shot with a Canon AE-1.

Birthday shenanigans, julefrokost and all sorts of jul- gatherings


Fødselsdagen på kontoret

Anders and Andreas








A hyggeligt reunion


I secretly like birthdays. I greet the day come midnight and bid farewell to it twenty-four hours later, almost afraid that I might miss a beat.

Most of my birthdays I spend deep in thought and filled with expectations — as if anticipating a reaction from the day itself, requiring from it some sort revelation of what it means to be a year older.

It means nothing to be a year older. But I do it anyway.

Turning twenty-seven was no different, save for the diarrhea. Instead of staying up until midnight, my stomach kept me up until three in the morning. I missed three meetings and an entire work day — feeding on bland food and gulping gallons of water. But I did make this video, when words failed to describe what turning twenty-seven felt like. It felt like this.


I spent my twenty-fifth in a small cabin in Røsnæs, west of Sjælland, armed with nothing but books and two rolls of film that I was desperate to shoot.

It was the day after the annual office julefrokostanother uncanny Danish tradition that I have yet to get accustomed to — and I was feeling the beginning of a cold.To nurse a cold in a freezing cabin was not ideal. After all, these houses were made for the summer.

But on the day of my birthday, I got my Filipino breakfast and four hours of sunshine, which was more than enough to shoot a roll of ISO 400 film and to tell myself that I’ve been good in the past year (read: another Danish tradition).

These are snippets from the first rolls of Fuji 400H Pro and Kodak Tri-X that I have ever shot, featuring a few all-time-favorites.